Terre del Conero

In this section you will find many interesting facts and insights about our area, its food and traditions. You will also come across many tips about healthy eating, and there are some simple recipes that you can use to enjoy our products.

QM ‘A guarantee of quality from the Marche government’

This brand arose from a commitment of the local government in the Marche region to act as a guarantor for the quality of agricultural products. The maintenance of high quality standards is guaranteed through strict norms regarding production, and by independent checks and controls carried out by private bodies and local authorities, under the supervision of the Marche local government. The cooperative ‘Terre del Conero’ has chosen l’APC Assam – Autorità di Controllo e Tracciabilità dell’Assam- as a certifying body. This organisation has for many years dealt with themes concerning the safety and quality of the production of foodstuffs within the region. The regulations regarding production aim to deliver tangible results in the field of food hygiene, safeguarding health, and it has banned the use of genetically modified products (GMO) in all phases of production. Moreover, in line with the approach of environmental sustainability of agricultural production, the norms insist upon cultivation withintegrated pest management techniques, thereby prioritizing all the alternative solutions to the use of chemical substances, in order to safeguard the interests of workers, consumers, and the environment. To sustain the well-being of the livestock there are new regulations to improve their quality of life.  With the help of information technology (through a system that traces and tracks foodstuff products, «Si. TRA») it is possible to guarantee the traceability through internet of every phase and entity involved within the production process to supply complete information about the history of the product .

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Terre del Conero Agricoltori per Natura, soc. coop. agr. Via Peschiera 30, 60020 Sirolo (AN) P.IVA 02474980428
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development