Terre del Conero

In this section you will find many interesting facts and insights about our area, its food and traditions. You will also come across many tips about healthy eating, and there are some simple recipes that you can use to enjoy our products.

DOP - Protected Designation of Origin

The PDO is a trademark of legal protection, assigned by law to those foods with specific qualitative features depending primarily or exclusively on the territory in which they are produced. The environment, with the interaction and the combination of both natural factors, such as the climate or topography of the area, and that of human factors, such as the craftsmanship and traditional production techniques handed down over time, allows you to get a unique product from a particular area of production. To obtain the PDO, the production and processing of food must be conducted in a precise geographical area, the producer  has to follow the strict rules laid down by the regulations and the producer is submitted to a specific examination of a control body.

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