Terre del Conero

Our quality products (certificati qm, biologici, igp e doc/docg) taste of the earth from which they came, the sweet, green hills, caressed by a sea breeze. They are the fruit of a union between age-old culinary traditions and a healthier balance in the relationship between producers and nature.


Our bread, recognizable by the logo on the product, is fermented through the natural acidification of water, flour and arbutus berries, a typical fruit of the area. It is made with high quality flour and broken wheat, and provides benefits and properties that are similar to a semi-whole wheat bread. Thanks to its special taste, it provides an ideal accompaniment to the flavours of local traditional cuisine.


Our pasta is made by well-known producers. Durum wheat is dried at a low temperature with the use of bronze die. The bran used is selected carefully from a variety of (durum) wheat, and is cultivated through integrated pest management techniques (non GMO), thereby respecting the requirements of QM certification.
Available products:
- Durum wheat semolina pasta
- Egg pasta


Our flour is the result of a production process that undergoes rigorous checks and controls. The process starts from the selection of the best varieties of grain – ideal for bread, pasta and oven based products – and then when the flour is milled it follows specific indications. The product is then stored in a manner that allows the product to be conserved naturally. This careful process offers a guarantee of high quality.
Available products:
- Flour – types 0 and 00
- Stone ground spelt flour
- Durum wheat flour is used to produce the pasta for 'Terre del Conero.'


As well as using grain to produce flour, bread and pasta, some firms within our group produce spelt flour, a cereal that has been cultivated for centuries, that is ideal for the preparation of tasty dishes.
Available products:
- Spelt flour
- Pearl barley


Chickpeas, beans, broad beans and lentils have been a strong identifying element of our land for centuries. In traditional preparations their flavour is perfectly enhanced with aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil, but they can also be appreciated in new dishes that respect the typical recipes of the territory, according to an ancient wisdom that reconciles the gifts of the land with seafood.
Available products:
- Chickpeas


Our honey represents a perfect expression of the aromas of Mediterranean flora and of the numerous nectar plants present in the Conero area. The ‘Millefiori’ in particular, is obtained through the labours of the bee, in gathering and transforming nectar from a variety of botanic species. In this way the final product with its sensuous quality varies according to the area and time in which it was produced.
Honey from one species of flower, like Acacia, Sunflower, and Sulla are also available.

Extra-Virgin Oil

The Terre del Conero produces extra-virgin olive oil that is made from both one variety of oil and from several varieties (blended), employing both the Raggia and Mignola variety, typical of the Conero area, and other varieties that belong to the tradition of the Marche region like Rosciola, Piantone di Mogliano, Coroncina, Carboncella, Sargano, as well as other varieties from central Italy like Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino.

Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetables are cultivated in harmony with the seasonal cycle, and with the correct methods of alternation, used in cultivation, in order to guarantee a product that is always fresh, healthy and tasty, as well as respecting the environment.
Products available: Fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Aromatic Herbs

The climate and geology of the Conero area favours the growth of aromatic and medicinal herbs, that abound in the Mediterranean environment, like lavender, thyme, oregano, rosemary and myrtle, wild fennel, mallow, wild mustard, coriander and many others, that the Terre del Conero picks for culinary use.


Our beef is of the highest quality, coming from small firms that rear animals by following traditional methods, respecting the well-being of the animals, and of the environment in which they live. Tender and tasty, naturally savoury, it has always lent itself to many different types of cuisine, from the most basic dishes, boiled, roasted, braised, stewed or grilled, to the more complex preparation needed for more complex and time-consuming dishes.


The cliffs of the Conero are particularly suited to the cultivation of the vine. The chalky earth, the favourable micro-climate and its proximity to the sea allow, especially the Montepulciano vine to express itself in the form of the ‘Rosso Conero Doc and Docg’ a mix of tastes, colours and odours that are completely original.
Available products: Rosso Conero Doc and Doc, Marche Bianco IGT and Marche Rosato IGT.

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