Terre del Conero

Terre del Conero is an agro-foodstuffs production chain promoted by a group of local agricultural firms and by the "Parco Naturale del Conero", nature reserve. The aim of the project is to enhance the area and its agricultural production, guaranteeing the quality and origins of the product and using methods that respect the environment.
Terre del Conero is a quality agro-foodstuffs production chain that unites about 60 agricultural firms that cultivate crops and rear livestock within the Conero area.
It was established with the aim of enhancing local agricultural production and promoting environmentally-friendly methods of cultivation.
The project intends to reinforce the relationship between producers and consumers by guaranteeing the origins and quality of the products, in order to ensure the long-term survival of agricultural firms in the area, in this way contributing to the maintenance of its biodiversity and general socio-economic development.
Convinced that both producers and consumers are part of the same naturally sustainable chain of production and consumption, the group gathers together local quality products, under the brand name 'Terre del Conero,' that have
the following certifications of quality QM (A guarantee of quality from the Marche government), Organic, IGP and Doc/Docg.
Choosing 'Terre del Conero,' products means bringing food to the table that is healthy, and rigorously checked at every phase of production. This implies re-discovering the traditional taste of quality that distinguishes the Marche area, and this represents a gesture of love and respect for ones own health and for the environment in which we live.
In the context of this desire for a renewed and more balanced relationship between producers, consumers and nature, the group was set up and is now growing under the watchful eye of the creators and promoters of the project, 'The Società Cooperativa Agricola Terre del Conero' and the 'Parco Naturale del Conero', nature reserve.

Certified quality

qualità marche
Certifies the quality of the product, the absence of GMO and the traceability of the product via the internet thanks to the batch number printed on the packaging
Ensures the use of techniques of cultivation and livestock rearing that protect the environment, animal welfare and consumer health
Indicates that the peculiarities of a product depend on its geographical origin and guarantees that at least one phase of the production process takes place in that area
Certifies the origin of the product, the characteristics of which depend on the area in question both in terms of the geographical environment and of the contribution that its people make (traditional craftsmanship)

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